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What do you need from a lawyer if you face criminal charges or you're getting divorced? You want a positive outcome, of course, but there must be more to it than that? There is, but few people in need of legal representation know what to look for, or if they do, they have difficulty pinning it down.

At The Law Office of Daniel D. Kienker, LLC, in Columbia, we believe there is a hierarchy of needs when selecting an attorney. Results are at the top, but they are followed closely by commitment to clients, responsiveness, empathy, assertiveness and a thorough knowledge of the law. Experienced Columbia lawyer Daniel D. Kienker represents clients throughout South Carolina.

We represent individuals in the full spectrum of both family law and criminal defense. We will take the time to understand the unique facts of your case and develop a legal strategy that suits your goals. We explain the process at every step, provide a full explanation of your options and offer a straightforward assessment of your case in order to eliminate surprises.

We help our family law clients safeguard their bond with their children by protecting their rights in child custody and visitation matters. Your role as a parent should not be diminished because your relationship with the child's other parent is ending.

Finding The Right Representation

Some key characteristics come with experience; others are personality driven. Some have numbers attached to them - like Mr. Kienker's years of private practice and before that, working as a South Carolina state prosecutor (assistant solicitor) in both Richland and Union counties. Other traits are more ambiguous and may be acquired outside of the legal world - like the work ethic that was reinforced during Colonel Kienker's 26 years serving in the United States Air Force, including assignments to Germany, the Republic of Korea, Honduras, Saudi Arabia and Warsaw, Poland, as well as commander of three combat-rated support squadrons.

In today's frenetic world, business services that were once founded on relationships have become commodity-based. While we offer competitive rates and make a concerted effort to control costs, we haven't forgotten the importance of the lawyer-client relationship. There's a reason our service is referred to as "legal counsel."

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