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          Daniel Kienker comes to the practice of law after serving 26 years in the United States Air Force, retiring in the rank of full Colonel. Upon his retirement from the Air Force, he entered Law School at the University of South Carolina School of Law, graduating in 2000. He has served as Law Clerk for a Circuit Court Judge, and as a State Prosecutor (Assistant Solicitor).  In 2006, Daniel Kienker entered private practice as a criminal defense attorney and as a Family Law Attorney.

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 While serving as an Assistant State Prosecutor (Solicitor) with experience

gained from trying numerous cases before Judge and Jury, Daniel Kienker knows criminal law.  He will vigorously

protect your rights guaranteed under the State and Federal Constitution, including your presumption of innocence before the law.  You will get an upfront and honest defender in your corner.

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The practice of Family Law includes many sub-areas.  For example if you are facing the emotional process of divorce, there are issues such as child custody, visitation of the children by the non-custodial parent, maybe alimony, division of marital assets to include personal property, investments, equity in real property such as your home that must be divided, as well as marital debt.  Daniel Kienker has been representing people going though this very emotional time with understanding and compassion tempered with honest advice based upon fifteen years experience.

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     Unlike the often sad and emotional process of divorce, adopting a child, while an emotional process to be sure, is a joyous one.

     There are many ways and

circumstances under which adoptions can take place, but they all involve a strict adherence to the law so

the parent(s) and child are united as a family as soon as possible.

 If you are contemplating Adoption, I can help.



     Members of the US Armed Forces face unique issues in Divorce their civilian counter-parts do not.  How is my military retirement divided in a divorce and how much is my former spouse entitled?  What about benefits under the Survivor Benefit Program (SBP)?  Can I exclude my former spouse from receiving SBP?  If I am discharged for a medical disability how will that affect my military retirement?  These are just a few of the issues the military member faces when contemplating divorce.  While the Staff Judge Advocate at your Base, Fort, or Post can provide you answers to many if not all of these questions, they cannot represent you as your attorney in a Divorce.  I can.  I served as a Regular Air Force Officer for twenty-six years and I "speak military."  I can help you.

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       "Attorney Dan Kienker provided adoption services for my husband and son last year.  I was then and am still very happy with his services." 

      "Mr. Kienker was great.  He was able to assist me in a true moment of crisis and explain the process as things progressed."

     "Mr. Dan Kienker has went over and beyond in assisting me with everything I have needed.  He has taken my concerns very serioulsy."