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Defending Against Auto Theft Charges

Please know that an arrest and criminal charge does not mean a conviction is automatic. The burden of proof is on the state. Automobile theft charges are serious and carry severe, life-changing consequences. As your attorney and former prosecutor, my job is to fight for the best outcome on your behalf, whether you or your child are facing charges of car theft.

A Skilled And Experienced Defense Attorney

At your initial consultation, I will listen to you, uninterrupted, communicate your choices and present the possible outcomes. I maintain that responsiveness and open line of communication throughout the entire course of the criminal case.

From there, I contact the prosecutor's office via a letter of representation. I file motions for discovery so I can review the evidence they have. At preliminary hearings — the first appearance in court — prosecutors often offer a plea bargain. While I will always look out for your best interests, the decision to accept or reject is yours.

Charges of automobile theft can be filed as grand larceny crimes. At The Law Office of Daniel D. Kienker, LLC, I have succeeded in pleading my clients down to lesser offenses such as auto tampering or breaking and entering. I represent clients in Columbia and throughout South Carolina.

Unique Challenges Facing Juveniles Charged With Auto Theft

If you are the parent of a juvenile facing car theft charges in South Carolina, pretrial intervention or diversionary programs may be an option. A child without a prior record may be eligible for community service or a plea agreement that involves paying back the victim.

The consequences of a conviction have long-term effects. Securing employment or being accepted by colleges or technical schools presents challenges, even for first-time offenders. With that in mind, I pursue expungement of the criminal record once programs are completed.

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