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Representing Those Charged With Juvenile Crimes

There are important differences in the family and adult court systems, and it is important you do everything possible to get your child charged as a juvenile rather than an adult. Anyone 17 years old or younger is considered a child or a juvenile. If older, they will be charged as an adult. If your child has been accused of a major crime, that is an important distinction. It could make a huge difference in their future.

If someone is 18 or older, they are considered an adult. Some felonies carry a maximum sentence of 15 years or more. If convicted as an adult, juveniles could be imprisoned until they are in their 30s. If still considered a juvenile (under 17), they may be reprimanded to family court. It is important that you call The Law Office of Daniel D. Kienker, LLC, immediately to defend your child if they are facing serious charges.

There Are Big Differences Between Family And Adult Courts

There are other important differences between family court and the adult court systems. The juvenile justice system focuses on rehabilitation. Sentencing could place the accused into community service, diversion programs and counseling. It is designed to keep young offenders out of jail. If possible, you want to have your child tried in family court.

Rehabilitation Is The Focus Of Family Court

There are significant, and important, distinctions between the two courts. The consequences of family court include:

  • Crimes by juveniles can be charged as delinquent (guilty) acts. Serious crimes are still likely to be charged as a crime and they could be considered an adult.
  • If a juvenile's crime is considered a delinquent act, rehabilitation is usually advised. That could include diversion, such as drug court or community service. Sometimes sentencing will be done after social, psychological or educational evaluations.
  • Judges could decide to place the convicted on probation or sentence them to a fixed or unspecified amount of time of commitment.
  • The family court is more informal that the adult court system. Courtroom procedures tend to be more merciful and less stressful.
  • Adult courts are intimidating, and consequences are serious.

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If your child has been accused of a serious crime in South Carolina, you want an experienced and skillful criminal defense attorney supporting them. Even an underage drinking charge can have an effect on your child's future. Email us or call us at 803-470-0447 to schedule a consultation with a lawyer today.

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