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Taking The Right Steps Toward Life After Divorce

When a marriage ends, you are confronted with key choices about money, child custody and other issues that will affect you for years to come. But it can be hard to take the rights steps when you are emotionally upset and don't know how the legal process works.

At The Law Office of Daniel D. Kienker, LLC, in Columbia, we are here to provide trusted guidance to help you move forward. Mr. Kienker is an experienced family law attorney who can protect your interests and work with you to create a new legal structure for you and your family.

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What Decisions Do You Face?

We'll start by listening carefully and sympathetically to your story. Then we'll explain what your divorce options are and how we can protect your interests as you make key decisions. This includes trusted counsel on:

  • Filing or responding to a divorce petition The formal divorce process begins with a filing of summons and complaint. We can help you make a filing or respond to one.
  • Understanding the grounds for divorce — South Carolina law recognizes adultery, physical cruelty, habitual drunkenness and desertion as grounds for divorce. Divorce is also allowed where you and your spouse have been living separate (not in the same house) for a year or more.
  • Contested versus uncontested divorce If you and your spouse can work out an agreement on your divorce issues, you can then bring that agreement to the court for approval. We can help you choose the right approach for your unique situation.
  • The role of separation — Even though a spouse may not have met the statutory requirements for either a no-fault divorce or one on fault grounds, they may still file for a court order granting them separate support and maintenance such. The order may include child support, spousal support, and the temporary use and possession of personal and marital property.
  • Temporary orders A brief but important hearing early in the divorce process leads to court orders that last until the divorce is finalized. These orders may include custody and visitation of minor children, child support for the minor child or children, temporary spousal support and temporary use of marital and personal property, as well as restraining orders. We will help you prepare for this hearing and seek to achieve your goals.

In short, you have a lot of decisions to make that will profoundly affect your future. We can help you face them intelligently, with a clear vision of what you want your life after divorce to be.

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