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Is It Worth Fighting To Keep The House?

You are getting a divorce. Changes are coming, and you will have to make a lot of decisions that will affect the rest of your life. You and your former partner worked hard to build assets and you do not want to lose them. One of your most valuable possessions is your house, which you saved and scrimped to buy.

Now you are wondering if it is worthwhile to fight to keep the house. It is more than an asset, it is your home. If you have kids, staying in the house could keep their changes and the related stress to a minimum. If you keep it, they will not have to move, change schools and get new friends. This is an important decision. Change is inevitable, but is keeping the house really worth your effort?

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Are You Fighting Just To Win The Divorce?

Sure, you want to keep the house. It is only natural to want to keep changes to a minimum. But ask yourself a couple of questions before you fight too hard. Are you fighting just to hurt your former partner? If you "win" the house in court, can you afford to keep it?

There Could Be Financial And Emotional Burdens

You will have to pay the mortgage, the expenses and the upkeep? Can you qualify for the mortgage and do you make enough money to qualify for the mortgage and keep up on the payments? It is important to consider those things before you start your fight.

These court proceedings can get contentious, and the house represents a lot of things in your life. It is the place you enjoyed your holidays. This is where you brought your kids after they were born. Maybe it is the place your children took their first steps. So many happy and cherished memories are associated with the house. But there might be bad memories too.

Starting Over Might Be Your Best Option

Before you get too deep into the fight, make sure you consider all consequences, the expenses, the good things and the bad. The home you shared might have been in your family for generations. If that is the case, it makes sense to work to keep the house. If not, your best option might be to sell it and start over.

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