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Child Support

You have been successful, but now your marriage is ending. You have children to support. Whether you are the custodial parent or not, it is important to think about them. It is essential to protect their wellbeing and their future, but you should not forget to guard your own interests too.

There are guidelines that help the court evaluate your income to determine what your financial responsibility should be for child support payments. It costs a lot to raise a child and they should benefit from your success but paying too much can jeopardize everyone's future. Call The Law Office of Daniel D. Kienker, LLC, to find the best way to provide the best life for children without jeopardizing your future.

Studies have found that payments that are too high lead to debts for both parents that hurts the children.

Judges Apply The Guidelines, But There Are Other Factors

According to the U.S. Census, the median household income in South Carolina is about $5,500 per month. For basic child support, parents who make this amount would pay from $800 to more than $1,500 per month for one to six children.

If the combined income of both parents is more than $250,000 per year, the final amount the judge will decide often deviate from the guideline and change the recommended amount. Judges will look at the guidelines, but they have the discretion to change the amount if it is in the best interest of the child.

Protecting Your Assets Requires Skilled Legal Help

You need legal assistance to help you protect your assets while still paying enough money to support your children.

Several factors will be considered, including:

  • Which parent the children live with
  • Who deducts the children on their taxes?
  • Both parents' income
  • Day care costs
  • Support payments for other children
  • Special needs
  • Health care expenses
  • Educational and extracurricular activities
  • Future college costs
  • Maintaining the standard of living

What Should You Do If You Have Child Support Questions?

Call our committed and knowledgeable family law team. We can explain your options and help you protect your assets. Contact us at 803-470-0447 or email us from our contact page.

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